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Why won’t my website do what I need it to do?

Sometimes your website just isn’t setup the way you need it to be. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current site or your developer wasn’t aware of all your needs.

Or maybe it’s time to stop spinning your wheels doing things you aren’t trained to do!

Here’s an experience I often have with new clients: Suzie wants to add a newsletter signup button to her website. She has some code that MailChimp gave her and she thought she knew where to put it to make the button appear on her home page. That didn’t work, so she spends two hours trying different things and getting more frustrated. Finally she gives up and decides to look at it tomorrow. She gets busy and a week, or maybe several weeks, go by while her list still isn’t growing. She gets around to trying again, spending a couple more hours without getting the result she wants. Then she meets me at a networking event. She calls me the next day and I fix the problem for her in just a few minutes.

Suzie is a smart business woman. She’s great at what she does, but she’s not a website developer. In trying to do it herself she’s wasted time – time that could have become billable hours, time for her family or marketing time when her potential clients could have been signing up for her newsletter.

This is lost revenue.

This is the cycle that follows so many entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business.

At the heart of this cycle is the need to value your time the same way you value your cash. They are really the same thing.

So, are you ready?

Ready to do what you love and get help for the things you don’t?

Ready to grow your business this year, starting right now?

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Superb by Design on Facebook
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